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CamUniversal DemoCamUniversal is a general webcam and IP-cam manager, prepared to meet all the demands related to a camera device including motion detection, recording and image capturing. It can handle an unrestricted number of devices and can work with webcams, IP and remote cameras, TV tuners and virtually any video recording gadget that is connected and installed properly on your computer. It is aimed at both home and office use, being able to manage as many tasks as you like without putting too much stress on computer resources. Prerequisites make a very short list, therefore an average computer can cope with it just fine. It records videos on demand, but can be scheduled to start the recording process according to a preset timetable, with the possibility to upload the output files to a FTP server or to send pictures to your email directly. The motion detection feature can be set to function in a user-defined time range and to run various actions once motion has been identified in the stream: it can run an external program, play a sound and notify you by email. Furthermore, with the built-in AVI creator, users can put together images captured in a whole day and the result will be a slideshow of the pictures in fast motion. The snapshots can wear a timestamp, so as to be able to identify the time and date they were taken. In a nutshell, CamUniversal features a wide array of options and can be a major game changer for users interacting with camera devices on a daily basis. It’s easy-to-use, intuitive and offers a myriad of possibilities to use any video recording gadget to your advantage.
Here are some key features of “CamUniversal”:
  • Motion Detector:
  • Select which areas of the video picture are tested for motion
  • Select in which time range, on which days, in which intervals etc. the detector should work
  • Create several jobs for the motion detector which works with different settings by day, by night, weekdays, on the weekend
  • Select the functions which should be activated at detection of motion
  • Email sending (with many options)
  • FTP files uploading (with many options)
  • Video recording
  • External program execution
  • Picture capturing (with many options)
  • Sound playing
  • Protocol generation
  • Displaying the video window fullscreen
  • Showing the video window (if it was hidden)
  • Scheduler:
  • Which runs from 8:00 to 11:00 and captures every 10 sec. a picture
  • Additional create a job which FTP uploads all pictures and files from a selectable directory every day at 11:30
  • Additional create a job which FTP uploads every 60sec. a picture to your homepage
  • Additional create a job which records a video every Monday at 9:00 with a length of 5min
  • Additional create a job which sends the last captured picture by email every day
  • Additional create a job which creates a new directory every day at 10:00 and moves all today captured pictures to it
  • Picture Capture:
  • All pictures could be captured in different formats ( JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF )
  • The picture resolution could be the original resolution or a custom resolution
  • The picture could be colored, grayscale, black & white, with time, date or text output, with an overly logo image, with transparency or not. The picture filename could be built from a custom selected text, the current time, the current date and/or a number
  • Video Record:
  • CamUniversal uses the DirectShow component of DirectX for the video recording. So you could use all in your system installed video and audio codecs and all installed video and audio devices for the video recording
  • Additional CamUniversal supports a timestamp into the video. This timestamp could be the current time/date a usertext and additional a logo bitmap
  • AVI Creator:
  • With the integrated AVI Creator you can generate videos from single images. For example you can capture single images from your camera every 30sec. through the whole day and create a video from all images showing the day in fast motion. Or you can observe the sky, capture an image every minute and generate a video showing the movement of the clouds
  • Media Viewer:
  • With the integrated Media Viewer you could view the captured pictures and videos from your harddrive. You could delete files, create and delete directories
  • There are maximal 2 cameras possible.
  • The maximal motion detection running time is restricted to 30 minutes.
  • The maximal scheduler running time is restricted to 30 minutes.
  • The video length is restricted to 15 minutes.
What’s New 
  • webserver improved

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