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CAD-KAS PDF Editor (formerly PDF Editor) 4.0 DemoPDF Editor is a software that helps you view and edit content in PDF documents. The interface of the program contains an Explorer-based layout, so it is user-friendly from this point of view. However, the toolbar menu seems a bit cluttered. Once you have opened a PDF file, you can use basic graphic editing tools, such as a brush, circle, ellipse, square, rectangle, table, arrow, lines, bucket fill, color picker, and others. So, you can double-click the text to edit it, remove separation characters, replace and delete it, as well as change its font or position. In addition, you can use a search function, copy text (optionally to another PDF file), bring it to the front or back, rotate, mirror, flip, skew or align it, and ungroup vector objects. PDF Editor also allows you to insert annotations (e.g. note, free text, stamp), forms (e.g. form field, checkbox, radio button), pictures and vector text (with full unicode support). Furthermore, you can add, extract or delete pages, insert page numbers, split the PDF document into equal files, remove duplicate pages, change the page size, create and organize bookmarks, edit document properties, assign a password, export the PDF as a RTF, TXT or image file, and more. The program uses a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, includes a comprehensive help file and step-by-step tutorials, allows you to select your preferred language and didn’t cause us any trouble during our tests. There’s also an “Undo” button available, but it can only take you a few steps back (and there isn’t a “Redo” function). Otherwise, PDF Editor is a very easy-to-use, powerful application for editing PDF files and saving them in various formats, and we strongly recommend it to all users.
CAD-KAS PDF Editor is a simple and efficient PDF editing tool that allows you to write annotations, add or change text and even spell check your words. In addition, you can add or delete pictures and vector graphics or add text in any font you want. With the 11 new tools you can move and zoom the text and pictures or you can edit text blocks, insert empty lines and change the line breaks freely just like a text editor or word processor. CAD-KAS PDF Editor allows you to underline, highlight and strikeout text and edit bookmarks too. Change the order of the pages or delete pages. You can also hide the information on a page so that it is invisible in the Acrobat Reader but can be unhidden later. You can change the page size or move the content or add stamps like “Confidential” or “Top secret”. The source code of the page (a language like HTML) is editable for you. Use the program to read and write encrypted PDF files. The program leaves the layout untouched after saving if you don’t want to change it.
Here are some key features of “CAD-KAS PDF Editor (formerly PDF Editor)”: · Powerful text tools · Add new text · Change existing text (translation of PDF files) · Delete existing text · Move existing text · Highlight, underline and strikeout Text · Powerful picture tools · Add new pictures · Delete existing pictures · Move existing pictures · Edit existing pictures · Powerful graphics tools (lines, rectangles etc.) · Add new graphics · Delete existing graphics · Powerful comment tools · Add new comments · Change existing comments · Delete existing comments · Stamps · Highlight, underline and strikeout Text (and write a comment) · Fill out form fields · Add new form fields (only “PDF Editor Pro” versions) · Add links to websites and other pages · Powerful page tools · Add new pages (add pdf files) · Change existing page order · Delete existing pages · Extract existing pages · Hide pages (make them invisible for Acrobat) · Rotate pages · Powerful bookmark tools · Add new bookmarks · Change existing bookmarks · Delete existing bookmarks · Powerful security tools · Encryption of PDF files · Un-encryption of PDF files · Protect PDF files against copying, printing etc. · PDF files · Open PDF files · View PDF files · Change and edit PDF files · Print PDF files · Save PDF files – no quality lose Requirements: · Pentium PC Limitations: · You can only convert the first page of a PDF file into a Word document in the unregistered version. · Adds a watermark to every page of the file. · Nag screen What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Pictures/Add picture on every 2./3. etc. page · Advanced/ Search and replace a picture within all files in a given folder · File/Special save as functions/ Save PDF file and convert content into inverted images… (For visually handicapped people) · Pages/Delete/ Delete all empty pages (also in scanned documents) · Embed or delete all fonts (File/Special save as functions) · Save pictures in CMYK colors (File/Special save as functions) · SVG export for vector graphics and simple text objects (only in the “Objects” version) · Create automatic backup copies in the subfolder __history when saveing · Advanced/Layers (show or hide layers) · Change the font of form fields · New option: Stamps/Add stamp on all pages · New option in tabsheet security: Automatically decrypt PDF file after opening · Popup menu for right mouse click under “Bookmarks” · Popup menu for right mouse click under “Pages” · All export functions are now located under File/Export · Preview …

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