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Balsamiq Mockups 2.2.18 TrialBalsamiq Mockups provides users with a friendly environment for their focus groups. The application helps you easily create mockups for your various designs and devices that you can later use for demonstration, evaluation, teaching and even promotion purposes. What Balsamiq Mockups adds to the table is real-time wire frame iteration of the projects during meetings attended by managers, designers, developers or clients. The program does not set its sights on specific parts of the project, but on each and every one of them. Thus, you can work on your products functionality with the sketchy, low-fidelity wireframes that you can fill with various built-in user interface components as well as icons and a growing collection of community-generated component database. Usability is another essential area when it comes to planning and Balsamiq Mockups does help you manage it. Sharing or presenting mockups can be easily accomplished through the PNG or PDF export capabilities of the software. The simplicity of this application comes from its impressive ease-of-use and intuition-oriented approach. Building your prototypes with Balsamiq Mockups is a breeze. The program works both online and offline and it rapidly synchronizes the available versions of your mock up every time your Internet connection is on. Keyboard shortcuts are another plus to the software, making everything even swifter and more facile. All in all, Balsamiq Mockups can and will save you hours of work and efficiently helps you manage your sketches in a way that you could only imagine. Feedback is strongly increased and more on the subject at hand when you provide a mockup to your public. Also, it can make the difference between comfortably fixing your model with an eraser and not with a hammer once its production starts.
Balsamiq Mockups is an efficient application that will provide users with the ability to work on their UI wherever they are. Import and Export features ensure seamless integration with all the other versions of Mockups, for when you get back online. Plus you can load and save multiple mockups files, use all keyboard shortcuts and lots more.
Here are some key features of “Balsamiq Mockups”:
  • Low-Fi Sketch Wireframes:
  • Sketchy, low-fidelity wireframes let you focus design conversations on functionality
  • UI Components & Icons:
  • 75 built-in user interface components and 187 icons, plus a whole lot of community-generated components.
  • Click-Through Prototypes:
  • Linking lets you generate click-through prototypes for demos & usability testing
  • Export to PNG or PDF:
  • Share or present mockups with embedded links using PDF export, or use a 3rd party tool to export to code.
  • Quick Add for Speed:
  • Lets you build wireframes using your keyboard
  • Drag and Drop for Simplicity:
  • Interfaces with drag and drop components–anyone can use it
  • Re-usable Symbol Libraries:
  • Create templates, masters, and re-usable component libraries
  • Full Keyboard Support:
  • CTRL+C, V, X, Z all you want!
  • Import and Export:
  • Seamless integration with all versions of Mockups, for when you’re back online
  • Works Offline:
  • Work on the plane or in a coffeeshop without an Internet connection
  • 7-day trial
What’s New 
  • New Image Inspector Pulldown:
  • The image inspector pulldown had been in need of some love for a long time. It only showed images used in the current mockup, it sometimes showed images twice, it didn’t show where images came from…in short, it wasn’t very useful. That all changes today. The new pulldown is more organized, more visual, faster to use and, we think, much more useful.
  • The Project Assets panel shows all images in your assets folder. If you have site/account assets, a tab will appear for them. If you use web images or images using relative paths that are not project assets, those will show in the Other tab. On the desktop, you’ll also see a handy link to open the Account Assets folder.
  • This is a step towards making projects first-class citizens in our app, as it encourages people to use project assets more, following our best practice. We have many more steps planned, but as you know, we like to ship things one little free-standing piece at the time, so that we can get you…

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