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Baishakhi Keyboard FreewareBaishakhi Keyboard is an utility that can be used for typing text in Bangla, which can prove useful to any Indian who lives abroad, as well as persons who intend on learning this language on their own. After a smooth installation process and the mandatory computer restart, Baishakhi Keyboard is ready to help you write in Bangla by making use of one of the five keyboard layouts it sets up on your PC. The application runs silently in the system tray and is very easy to use. The tray icon provides a fast and convenient way to view a graphical representation of the layout and learn how all the symbols and characters are arranged. Switching to another keyboard layout is easily done by clicking on the language symbol in the taskbar and choosing the desired option from the revealed list. Thanks to the five available keyboard layouts that it implements, this application can address the needs, requirements and typing practices of any user. All the layouts are compatible with the Unicode 6.1 standard, which means that a document written with the help of Baishakhi Keyboard can be opened and viewed on a system that has Bangla fonts installed. The ‘Baishakhi Keyboard’ includes all the symbols and signs of the Bangla alphabet, providing a phonetic layout, suitable for those who are just learning the language. Along with this layout, there are other four input methods at your disposal, namely Baishakhi Inscript, Uni- Gitanjali, Toptype and Webel. The last one is mostly intended for writing governmental, official documents. While it is possible to install these keyboard layouts using the ‘Language Preferences’ section in Control Panel, Baishakhi Keyboard saves you the effort of having to search for all the input methods you need. Furthermore, it offers accessibility to viewing how the letters and symbols are displayed on each keyboard type, proving to be a handy tool in the learning process. Baishakhi Keyboard is designed to facilitate data and document entry in Bangla, implementing a number of keyboard layouts to suit the needs of different people habituated with different typing practices. Baishakhi Keyboard has a 3-layer keyboard structure, with Normal, Shift and Right Alt modes, designed to accommodate all the Bangla alphabetical signs and symbols. ”. The keyboard layout is mostly phonetic in nature. It also includes two other popular keyboard layouts- Inscript and Gitanjali to make them fully UNICODE 6.1 compatible. In order to conform with the existing practice of the government employees, another keyboard layout, named “Webel” has also been designed. This retains the existing “Webel” layout as used by the employees with the minor modifications as required for making it Unicode compliant.

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