BACnet Lookout 2.3 Trial

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BACnet Lookout 2.3 Trial

A handy BACnet scanner

You can use BACnet Lookout to easily discover and manage BACnet devices, objects, and properties. You can also use the software to subscribe to changes of specific properties. BACnet Lookout supports Who-Is IP network scan, ReadProperty, WriteProperty, and SubscribeCOV services. It is designed to be non intrusive so even a non BACnet expert can easily use all of its features. BACnet Lookout also comes with support for BACnet/IP and BACnet Ethernet(802.3) communication layer.
Here are some key features of “BACnet Lookout”:
  • Incremental Device discovery
  • Export/Import EDE files
  • COV Event Notification List
  • Alarm Summary List
  • Notification Event List
  • TimeSynchronization Services
  • CreateObject
  • DeleteObject
  • UnconfirmedEventNotification
  • GetAlarmSummary services supported
  • Intel Pentium 4 or a similar Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 10 MB of free HD space
  • 15 days trial
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • BrightCore BACnet Lookout can now issue ReadRange service to read device’s Trend Log objects.
  • To read device trend log object, right-click on the Trend Log object and select “Read Trend Log” option.
  • Loogout will then open a chart based on the log data received.
  • BrightCore BACnet Lookout can now issue AtomicReadFile and AtomicWriteFile services.
  • To read the file from the device, first scan the file for its properties and then issue an AtomicReadFile
  • request by right-clicking on the file object and selecting “Atomic Read File” option.
  • Write opened file to the device by clicking on the “Atomic Write File” option in the Toolbar menu.
  • Command Object object type is now fully supported.
  • Added the “Rescan Device” Option. This option can be used to rescan the device after the project or
  • EDE file is loaded into the application. “Rescan Device” will issue a directed WhoIs request to the target device.
  • “Create Shadow Device” option was not longer needed and was removed.
  • Structured Tree Device Li…

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