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ArtMoney SE 7.42.1 FreewareDesigned for those addicted to winning, ArtMoney SE is a easy-to-use application designed to help you cheat at any game. Its main advantage is that it can find any quantity specified in a game, whether it is money, bullets, health points or number of lives. Playing a game is no fun if you never win. ArtMoney SE helps you make any game easier to win by finding the memory address where the quantities of items are located, such as money or points; thus it lets you increase their values. The program displays a user-friendly interface that makes it suitable for both beginner and professional users. First, you have to select the game file or folder. ArtMoney SE automatically starts reading its memory and displays a list of all the addresses, as well as their value and type in a table. You can edit any table cell, but the most important ones are in the ‘Value’ column. ArtMoney SE also offers you the possibility to filter the addresses by selecting the value to search for and the address type. In this case, you have to choose between integer, float, Macromedia Flash, text or string. During the search process, ArtMoney SE looks for the input parameters you set and allows viewing a list of all memory addresses containing the corresponding value. Moreover, ArtMoney SE enables you to use emulator options. When using this feature, you have to select the game system and emulator. In addition to this, the application provides users with multiple customizable options regarding the search process, address display or interface appearance. You can also set hot keys for actions that the program can perform. A small inconvenient is that you might not be able to use ArtMoney SE with multiplayer or online games. Despite this, ArtMoney SE combines simplicity and ease of use with programming skills needed to cheat at a game, in order to enhance your gaming experience!
ArtMoney SE is an easy-to-use and accessible cheating utility you can use for all your games. ArtMoney SE can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney SE actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be dollars, bullets, swords, or health points. ArtMoney SE finds a hex address based on the input parameters you set and prints these addresses with their corresponding values. For example, if your character has 1,431 dollars, ArtMoney searches and displays all memory addresses containing the value of 1431. Of course, as there can be hundreds of memory addresses displayed after a simple search, you will need to filter this addresses.
Here are some key features of “ArtMoney SE”:
  • You can select folder (or disk) as object.
  • Additional filter conditions.
  • Filter by formula.
  • The search for strings.
  • Saving and Loading of process.You can use it for saving in a game, if the game has no save function.
  • Stealth mode. ArtMoney disappears from the process list.
  • Full technical support via email. Notification of all upgrades via email.
  • Intel Pentium II processor (AMD K6-2) or higher
What’s New
  • Now emulator pointers display correctly in address editing window. Final address also displays as emulator address.
  • Updated emulator options. New emulator options for Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable.
  • Fixed bug with search in custom address range when address range less than 100 bytes on multi-core processors or multiprocessor systems.
  • Fixed emulator address conversion for Game Boy Color emulators.

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