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Amazing Audio Player 2.2 DemoWhen you want to make sure your visitors are attracted by your website and that they will come back visiting it again and again, you need to provide them with interactive sections or visually appealing controls. For example, you can create a professionally-looking audio player that not only plays soothing music, but it also integrates within the design of the website and you can rely on Amazing Audio Player to achieve this goal. The application features an intuitive graphic interface that requires you to select the audio tracks, customize its skin and publish it. You first need to browse the contents of your folder so as to locate the most interesting MP3 you own, then customize their information, such as title, artist and album. You can also associate a image (such as the album cover or other relevant artwork) or enter a brief description. The next step is to choose the look that would match your website the best – you can preview all the skin provided within Amazing Audio Player until you find one that you like. At this point, you can further modify your player’s appearance by adjusting its width and height, while also changing the icons used for the Play, Pause and Stop buttons. You can also add the track list within your audio player, then adjust the item format, the list width and the number of items to your liking. When it comes to the publishing part, you can either export the entire project to a local folder then embed it within your webpage, or you can save it as a WordPress plugin, a Joomla module or a Drupal module. To wrap it up, Amazing Audio Player can be of great use to all those who want to quickly generate a fully-functional player for their website.
Amazing Audio Player is a straightforward utility that enables you to select your desired audio files and create a playlist for your player. This simple to use application allows you to design HTML5 audio players or they can be saved as plugins for websites like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
  • Adds watermark
What’s New 
  • Add three single play/pause button players (commercial version only)

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