Altova DiffDog Professional Edition 2014 SP 1 Trial

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Altova DiffDog Professional Edition 2014 SP 1 Trial

A powerful and reliable software solution designed to enable users to easily identify the differences between various file formats

Altova DiffDog Professional Edition is a user-friendly and efficient differentiation tool that quickly compares files as well as folders, and automatically emphasizes the distinctions it finds. DiffDog provides advanced XML-aware differencing and editing capabilities based on those popularized in Altova XMLSpy, and integrates with any version control system that supports external differencing applications.  For optimal efficiency, you can edit content directly within its differencing display, merge changes, and instantly re-compare. Intelligent syntax-coloring, line numbering, indentation guides, folding margins, and other innovative features assist in comparing source-code and XML files. DiffDog tells you when XML files are semantically equal even if they are not identical in a text-based comparison. Its XML differencing capabilities include DTD/schema-based validation, well-formedness checking, intelligent entry helpers, optional entity resolution, consideration of attribute and child element ordering, and more. DiffDog lets you examine and compare OOXML documents with XML-aware functionality. DiffDog also performs powerful directory comparisons. DiffDog can intelligently apply special comparison rules based on each file type, and open and edit file pairs directly from the directory comparison view. DiffDog even inspects Zip archives to compare and merge contents based on the original file types. DiffDog lets you selectively move files into target directories or synchronize entire directories in a single step. With all this, you can reconcile source code, XML, or binary file versions, or sync your laptop and desktop computers in a single step. Let DiffDog 2013 Professional Edition track down the differences in your essential development and data integration projects
Here are some key features of “Altova DiffDog Professional Edition”:
  • File differencing
  • Folder differencing
  • XML differencing
  • Database differencing
  • Word document differencing
  • OOXML differencing
  • Compare XML files in Grid View
  • ZIP archive differencing
  • Differences report files
  • Command line automation
  • XSLT code for XML Schema differences
  • Save comparison settings for easy reuse
  • Internet connection for the trial key
  • Pentium III processor 800 MHz recommended
  • 64MB RAM
  • 50MB available on hard-disk
  • 30-day trial
What’s New
  • Bug fixes and other enhancements

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