AKINSOFT CafePlus Lite 11.09.01d Freeware

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AKINSOFT CafePlus Lite 11.09.01d FreewareAKINSOFT CafePlus Lite is a comprehensive utility developed as a management tool. The application was created mainly for Internet cafes and gaming centers, allowing you to add various computers and game consoles to your business. The overview window enables you to display all of your machines, as well as their status, whether they are available or currently occupied by a client. It acts as a control panel, so you can send a ‘Ping Message’ to a specific computer, adjust their volume or resolution, take a screenshot of their current activities or terminate all running processes.  Moreover, AKINSOFT CafePlus Lite lets you perform various remote management operations, for instance view a list processes, log off, restart or shut down the computer, with just one click. In the side menu, you can display the duration of a computer ‘s usage, the practiced tariff or the remaining time. The application allows you to add clients to your ‘Member’ records, so you can practice preferential pricing for regular customers, and be able to quickly find their last payment details. At the same time, you can operate client restrictions, such as hiding certain computer drives or prevent a user from performing various actions. The ‘Accounting’ section of this utility enables you to generate daily reports, as well as create revenue graphs, so you can closely monitor any occurring transactions and evaluate your profit on a specific time frame. AKINSOFT CafePlus Lite lets you to add notes on your desktop, that can also have a reminding function, allowing you to keep track of all the used computers, even if the program’s main window is minimized. Providing you with a variety of features, AKINSOFT CafePlus Lite can prove a handy tool in helping you manage your business with little to no effort, by tending to  all the relevant aspects in running a successful Internet cafe.
AKINSOFT CafePlus Lite is an easy to use application designed as a management application for cyber-cafes and game centers. With this simple program, you can manage a variety of transactions, monitor the usage of computers and game consoles, enforce computer access restrictions, and many others. NOTE: In order to be able to fully benefit from the application’s functions, you need to register AKINSOFT CafePlus Lite.
  • Firebird
  • Internet connection for product registration

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