Agilian Standard 11.0 Build 20140108 Trial

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Agilian Standard 11.0 Build 20140108 TrialAgilian Standard is a software application which helps software developers create clear structures for their projects, by devising organizational charts, BPMN conversation diagrams and work flows. It is important to know that this program supports several data type sets, including Java, XML Schema, C++, Visual Basic, C# and UML. The main window is simple and based on several tabs, which let you easily browse through particular options. For example, you can preview a diagram, add stencils from the hard drive (VDX, VSX formats) or the built-in list of shapes, add documentation and edit properties.  There is also a folder structure you can make use of, and a very large number of types of diagrams, such as object, sequence, deployment, package, actor grid, data flow, requirement and mind mapping ones. In most of them, you can add text, word art, geometrical shapes, use an eraser, sweeper or magnet, and so on. It is possible to generate reports in DOCX, PDF and HTML formats, while exporting projects can be done as VPP, XML, JPG, PNG, PDF, EMF and SVG. This utility lets you undo and redo actions, cut, copy to the Clipboard, paste, as well as take advantage of the search function. In order to enhance ease of use, you can assign functions to mouse gestures. All in all, with extensive Help contents, a large number of options, good response time and low usage of CPU and RAM, Agilian Standard proves to be quite a handy piece of software when it comes to creating structure for projects. There were no errors, crashes or bugs registered during our tests. If you want to bypass the installation process, you should know there is a portable version available.
Agilian Standard is a useful diagram designer that allows software developers to create a clear structure of their project. The application supports all the contemporary notation standards and allows you to create complex diagrams with minimum effort. You can export your work to an XLM file or an image in order to share the diagram with other users. Agilian is a flexible tool that can be used for work flows, organizational charts and BPMN conversation diagrams. You can also download Agilian Standard Portable
  • ntel Pentium 4 at 2.0 GHz or higher.
  • Minimum 512MB RAM, but 1.0 GB is recommended.
  • Minimum 800MB disk space.
  • Java
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • Fixes and Enhancements:
  • General Issues:
  • Fixed documentation pane’s search function not working in Viewer Edition
  • Fixed Use Case Detail’s title not refresh upon the renaming of use case
  • Fixed multiple undo is required to remove a created BPMN lane
  • Fixed an IJ start-up issue wit IJ 13
  • Fixed a sequence message numbering issue
  • Fixed duration constraint caption disappear after undo deletion of shapes in sequence diagram
  • Fixed Sub-process diagram de-associated after importing BPMN
  • Fixed sweeper moves shapes to far away
  • Fixed diagram selection dialog box failed to show documentation in nickname
  • Fixed Use Case Note List’s focus consumed by note configuration pane
  • Fixed the New Diagram window in eclipse shows out of screen
  • Not to re-use project author from opened project
  • Improved captions in grid
  • Improved the sizing of headers in matrix/chart
  • Supported IPolygon.setPoints(Point[]) in OpenAPI
  • Updated Help Contents
  • Wireframe:
  • Fixed resizing Alert View in wireframe may cause containing label sh…

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