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Advanced Cleaner 3.0 FreewareIf you want to make sure your computer runs smoothly even if its hardware components are getting quite old, you can regularly clean files left behind by other apps, remove the traces left within browsers or scan your hard drive. While there are dedicated applications that can perform each of these tasks, there are also some that can be used for all these jobs and more, such as Advanced Cleaner. Before installing this software solution, you need to make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your PC, otherwise the utility will not function properly. The installation process goes smoothly and you can access the intuitive main window within seconds – then you simply need to choose the component you want to launch first. You can start by initiating a virus scan that would detect all the suspicious files on your PC so you can remove them afterwards. You can also rely on Advanced Cleaner to remove a wide range of data from your computer, such as temporary files, system temp files, log files, recent files, all installed browser data and preview files, as well as delete the contents of the Recycle Bin and of the Download folder. Furthermore, the application can also be used to clean and fix your browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari,Chrome and Opera, while also boosting the overall performance of your PC and optimizing RAM. Once you have erased all the data you selected, it is best to restart your computer to ensure all changes are successfully applied. All in all, Advanced Cleaner can come in handy to all beginner users who want to take matters into their own hands, so they decide to tweak and optimize their PC without expert assistance. Depending on your computer, the app might occasionally hang or crash, but restarting it usually fixes the issue.
Advanced Cleaner is an effective solution that was especially created to provide you with the necessary tools for removing from your system the files that remain after Internet browsing sessions, registry entries that are broken or useless, log files and other items that may clog your PC. Advanced Cleaner also comes with a built-in virus scanner that can help in the removal of some of the more common threats. NOTE: You can enjoy additional functions if you purchase Advanced Cleaner Premium.
What’s New 
  • Version 3.0 was released in a short time because I noticed that version 2.5 had a very common graphics and then I thought I’d change the graphics starting from scratch. In fact, the graphics of this new version is very simple and nice.
  • Another fact that has prompted me to release version 3.0 was the fact that the installer weighed a lot, now it has dropped from 17 MB to 2/3 mb.
  • After installing the new version of Advanced Cleaner you will see that it is much neater and more elegant than the other version.
  • It has also been improved and enhanced the antivirus of Advanced Cleaner. From recent tests done that Advanced Cleaner was able to detect and eliminate all threats.
  • In this new version in addition to the fact that they have changed the graphics was introduced the ” RAM Optimizer” function allows the user to clean the memory usage of all processes, so that it is cleaned and released the RAM. This function is not going to close the process but cleans them thus giving more speed …

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