Actual Window Manager 8.1.1 Trial

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Actual Window Manager 8.1.1 Trial

An efficient and reliable software utility designed to function as a feature-rich and comprehensive window manager, offering numerous customizable options

Actual Window Manager is a technologically advanced utility tool that interacts with the Windows operating system’s shell to bring the extended manipulation functionality to every window in the system. It allows you to roll up/unroll windows, hide them to the Windows notification area (system tray), keep them always-on-top of others, make them semi-transparent – and many other advanced window actions available both in the automatic way (upon startup, activation / deactivation, minimization etc.) and in the manual way (via extra buttons added to each window’s title bar or via extra options added to each window’s system window menu). Actual Window Manager keeps track of all the configuration changes you make to each individual window and applies the changes automatically on-the-fly. Furthermore, Actual Window Manager runs semi-automatically, sparing you from the task of trying to understand how it works.
Here are some key features of “Actual Window Manager”:
  • Window Settings:
  • Provides advanced abilities to manipulate windows in various ways (both automatic and manual).
  • Virtual Desktops:
  • Extends general window management with the ability to group windows within virtual desktops.
  • Multiple Monitors Extensions:
  • Enhances common Windows user interface for multiple display environments.
  • 60 days trial
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Sometimes running programs might crash after unloading Actual Window Manager.
  • Some kinds of windows stopped working correctly when extended by Actual Window Manager (in particular, windows of the Investor/RT app).
  • Actual Taskbar might stop responding after clicking an icon in the notification area.
  • World of Tanks game client stopped responding after applying the Ignore Deactivation action.
  • Activating/deactivating a windowed Modern (Metro) app produced the “screen flip” animation if the “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing” system option was enabled.
  • In some cases, active window might lose the focus when mouse hovered over the desktop if the “Activate on Mouse Hover” feature was active.
  • Some kinds of windows might not fit the Desktop Divider tiles in Aero visual themes.
  • In some cases, Clipboard History duplicated the just pasted picture in the history list.
  • In some cases, editing controls did not display for a template or a group in the Clipboard Templates panel.

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