ActiveXperts Network Monitor Trial

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ActiveXperts Network Monitor Trial

Monitor servers, workstations, devices and applications in your network

ActiveXperts Server Monitor is a complex application which monitors servers, workstations and IP devices. With the help of ActiveXperts Server Monitor you have the possibility to monitor Internet protocols, Windows servers, databases and various virtualization platforms. ActiveXperts’ powerful Network Monitor Engine technology has been adopted by several software companies all over the world. ActiveXperts’ Network Monitoring technologies is used by thousands of companies all over the world, making ActiveXperts the leading provider of Network Monitoring solutions. · Checks (IP-based): ICMP, DNS, HTTP(s), FTP, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, SNMP Traps, LDAP, NTP, NNTP and more · Checks (Windows OS): CPU, File/Directory, Disks, Event Log, Memory, Process, Service, Terminal Server and more · Checks (Windows BackOffice): MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS ISA, MS Message Queue and more · Checks (Windows Anti-Virus): McAfeeNortonNOD32KasperskyTrend MicroSophosAvast!AVGNormanPanda and more · Checks (Environmental): Temperature, Humidity, Wetness, Smoke, Motion, Resistance, Light, Door, Power and more · Checks (Database): MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, ODBC, OLE/DB (Progress, SyBase, Informix, Paradox, IBM DB2, …) · Custom Checks (Windows): VBScript · Notifications: E-mail, SMS (GSM, SMPP, HTTP), Pager, SNMP Trap, Network Popup Network Monitor Manager The Network Monitor Manager application is used to view the results and to make changes to the configuration. This Manager application allows you to visually monitor the network from any desktop PC. Use the Network Monitor Manager application to view results and to make changes to the configuration The Manager application can be installed on any Windows 98, Windows NT or higher computer (workstation or server), and has different authority levels. You can restrict help desk employees to only view results, while you can allow network operators to make changes to the configuration. Web Interface The Web Interface is a collection of read-only XML based Views of the network. They can be viewed by an Internet Browser by the use of XSL style sheets. This only requires one port on the firewall (default: port 80) to allow monitoring the network from a remote location. The Web Interface pages can be customized by editing the XSL style sheets. With the help of ActiveXperts Server Monitor you have the possibility to monitor Internet protocols, Windows servers, databases and various virtualization platforms.This is a unique feature of ActiveXperts Network Monitor, and very often used by the HelpDesk staff. Here are some key features of “ActiveXperts Network Monitor”: Monitoring features: · Monitoring virtualization platforms, including VMware, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V · Monitoring application services · Monitoring databases · Monitoring environmental data, including temperature, humidity and wetness · Monitoring networks, network protocols and network services Notification features: · Send out notifications upon failure and/or upon recovery · SNMP Trap Notifications; send trap notifications to an SNMP Management console; supports SNMP v1 traps and SNMP v2 or higher SNMP traps · Templates for all notification types, including network monitor system parameter inside these templates. Notification messages can be completely customized using these templates. Action features: · Reboot a server upon failure · Launch an executable or batch command job; use Network Monitor system parameters as arguments for the executable or batch-job Configuration: · Maintenance periods can be configured globally or per check · Multiple maintenance schedules can be defined Reports: · Standard incident reports and availability reports are provided · Reports can be e-mailed automatically, periodically · Particular checks, folders and results can be included/excluded from a report Graphs: · Graphs can be generated instantly, for one or more checks · Graphs can be saved to various image formats and PDF Logging: · Network Monitor related information is written to the Application Log of the Event Viewer · Monitoring information can be written to a Syslog server User Interface: · Use the Manager application to make changes to the configuration and view the monitoring results · The Manager application has an Explorer-like user interface, with a Folder pane, a Monitoring Checks pane and a Log pane · The Web Interface allows users to view the status of the network by using the Internet Browser Requirements: · CPU: Minimum 733MHz (x64) / 550MHz (x86) single core · Memory: Minimum 512MB · Disk Space: Minimum 10GB Limitations: · 30-day fully functional trial What’s New  · The ActiveXperts Network Monitor 8.1 can import any configuration database created with a previous version of the product. 64-bit version: · ActiveXperts Network Monitor 8.1 is the first true 64-bit edition of the product. The product is still available as a 32-bit edition. There are two installation files available: AxMonitorSetup64.exe (for 64-bit Windows operating systems only) and AxMonitorSetup32.exe (primary for 32-bit Windows operating systems, but can also be used on 64-bit Windows operating systems). Configuration database: · The 64-bit version of the software stores its configuration information in an MS SQL Server Compact Edition database (Config.sdf). No separate installation of MS SQL Server Compact Edition is required. The 32-bit software still stores its configuration information in an MS Access compliant database (Config.mdb). CPU check: · You can now configure a time interval (in milliseconds), used to measure CPU usage. You can also configure an inbetween delay (in mil…

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