1Tree Pro 2.0 Build 016 Demo

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1Tree Pro 2.0 Build 016 Demo

This application allows you to explore your hard drives and mange the files and folders, by moving, copying or permanently deleting them

1Tree Pro is a utility that displays the contents of your computer hard disks and it also shows the path of the files and folders. Using this application you can rename files, move them to Recycle Bin or to another folder and you can also copy the path of a selected file to clipboard.
  • You can only see the resource size for top 4 levels.
What’s New 
  • Added feature: can rename the selected resource.
  • Added feature: can run/open the selected resource by using the key.
  • Added options: show the network / CD drive(s).
  • Uses the specific icon for the network drive(s).
  • After pressed on the system dialog boxes, the highlighted resource will be opened.

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